New Topic- My Body

We have started our new science and health and wellbeing topic, ‘My Body.’ We have discussed some key questions that we would like answered. We have included some of these:

How are sweat, saliva and tears made? Clara.

How do you learn that your body is allergic to something? Lewis

How come only some people can do backflips, is it something to do with the type of body you have? Maisie.

How come the acid in your stomach can burn through everything but it doesn’t burn your stomach? Alexander.

Why are some people smarter than others? Cameron.

Why does your stomach rumble when you are hungry? Winona.

Are tattoos unhealthy for you? Suffi

This week, we enjoyed learning about the organs in the body. We explored the positions of these and carried out some collaborative research into what they do. Please ask us to share this information with you! Enjoy having a look at some photographs from this week.