Hello and welcome back.

Please read our entry to find out about what we did in October and early November!





So… where to begin? Ah, yes!

Writing- Our wonderful class went to Lauriston Castle to look for inspiration for our stories, which then got entered into a writing competition. Our friend, proud Timmy, was awarded and his story was published in a book!  He was also mentioned in a newspaper!!

Topic- ‘A jotter- now and then’ 🙂  Diana from The Museum of Childhood helped us explore children’s life in Victorian times. We had a chance to write on slates and play with some Victorian times toys.  As a class, we have started creating a floor book about Victorian era to show how and what we have learned so far.

Language- Elizabeth Ezra,  a writer, came to teach us how to write some magical spells and she read some of her stories to us!

Reading- As a class, we created a helpful reading strategies display. We enjoy our reading sessions during which we use displays to support our independent and group work.

Maths- Every Friday we lead word problem solving sessions; tasks are created as part of our homework. We have been practising the Order of Operations and Balancing Equations. We also have been applying our knowledge of angles, which we learned last month, in learning about shapes (various quadrilaters, triangles and circles).

PE- After weeks of practice, we finally got to compete at Meadowbank Sports Centre. All of us contributed to the whole team effort and had lots of fun! We also started practising the Canadian Barn Dance with our P1 Buddies.

ICT- We have been using our set of  iPads to research various topics improving our ICT and research skills. This month, we have been working on Transport now and then.

We hope you enjoy our blog. We will post one more time this year, so check soon!

Thank you for reading.

Rose-Niamh and P6