Primary 5 Trip to the National Museum

On the 11th of October we went to the National Museum of Scotland as part of our classification and food webs work in our Topic. These are some of the exhibits that we saw as we explored.

We also got to play with the interactive exhibits and we had time in the interactive area on the top floor of the Natural World section. Everyone had a great time and we wished we could have stayed longer!

“I’m not really sure what my favourite bit was, I liked lots of stuff. I was looking for a Helicoprin but they didn’t have that.” – Oli

“I liked the racing game (where we raced animals) and the weighing scales where we saw how heavy we were compared to animals.” – Mohamed

“It has good stuff.” – Dylan.

“It has lots of cool stuff and is really fun.” – Ella

“I really liked playing with the fish game where we made up fish with different patterns and they had to survive the shark.” – Rawia

“I liked the leopard and all the cute animals.” – Beda

I liked the big tree up on the 5th floor. I liked the animals, they were really good stuffed.” – Naeema

“I really liked the Museum because it was really interesting. I really liked how the animals were posed.” – Laura