ECO Committee

ECO Team members:

P1 Laila,   P1/2 Ashton and TJ,  P3 Daisy,  P4 Amina,  P5 Beda and Mohammed, P6 William and Frances,  P7 Eshal and Ben,   Ms Turek

Last year’s Eco Committee worked very hard on ensuring the whole school knew what recyling is and why it is important. The group organised the ECO Week during which pupils learned about the importance of water and what and how to recyle. Pupils also  enjoyed planting and recyling craft activities.  Recyling Assembly launched our Eco Code created by the team (you can read it below). Our raising awareness work has been recently recognised and the school has been awarded the next level on our Green Flag journey, Silver Award!

This year we are working towards the highest recognition-  the Green Flag Award.  Our work will be assessed against a set of Seven Elements: eco committee, eco code, environmental review, action plan, community and curriculum links. We also need to ensure our work is being measured to show the progress.

On completion of our Environmental Review, we decided what we need to work on next. We had to choose two out of ten Eco Schools Topics and align these with one of The Global Sustainable Development Goals. Here is what we agreed to work on first:

  • litter- core topic
  • waste minimisation- reduce, reuse, recycle (Goal 12)
  • school grounds

We will keep a record of our work here, so please visit from time to time!

Eco Code

Do not litter
or the Earth will go bitter.
Put all litter in the bin
and the Earth won’t go thin.
Respect the oxygen giving trees
and feel that refreshing breeze.
Plant flower seeds
to attract the bees.
Turn off the power
and the Earth will have a shower.
Don’t be a dripping tap pest,
leave some water for the rest.
Recycle your waste
and you will live in a better place.