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Primary 2 – Week in Review 25th April – 6th May

Welcome to this week’s Week in Review where we will be looking back across this week’s short week and last week’s full week.

We got to visit Holyrood Palace and had a tour of some of the rooms last week. Everyone has some part they really enjoyed when we discussed this after we got back!

We have been working through the ‘ur‘ and ‘er‘ sounds patterns in our phonics work. This ‘ur‘ game selection and this ‘er‘ game were some of the ways we practised these patterns online. We also had a look at this game where we were deciding which sound fit the word out of ‘er,’ ‘ur‘ and ‘ir.

In Maths and Numeracy, we looked at some addition and subtraction work since we came back from our holiday as an intro into our new mental agility topic focus. We focused more on addition and looking at hundred squares again as we move onto some more subtraction in the coming weeks. The linked games may be helpful for practising.

We have been working on some paper-craft in our art last week, looking at using layers of paper shapes to create some animals. We used different tools to help us create the shapes which we cut out as well as thinking about where we would put our chosen shapes and what colours we needed for our chosen animals.

Last but not least, a big well done and congratulations to our


for being a Confident Individual in applying himself to his learning, asking questions about what he is learning and contributing his ideas in discussions.