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Primary 2 – Week in Review

A busy week on the run up to our holiday at the end of this week. We enjoyed working with our buddies on Monday, either working outside or inside our class on iPads together.

Primary 2 were absolute stars in our visit to the Canongate Kirk on Tuesday! We did our best listening as we heard a little bit about Easter and were fantastic singers in singing the main verse from This Little Light of Mine and using some of the actions as remembered from Primary 1.

We continue to explore place value and some partitioning this week with our numbers. creating hundreds numbers with dice rolls, working to partition tens numbers and working up to using 10-sided dice to create even bigger numbers! We enjoyed exploring partitioning with this game while we also enjoyed some of the place value work in the place-value-basketball game on Topmarks. We also played some games on this in Education City.

In our Literacy, we have continued to explore our sounds and read and write through the Read, Write, Inc programme. We have been looking at the ‘aw‘ sound pattern this week and enjoyed some of these games for this sound. We have also been working on our storytelling this week with a tale from India about an elephant and a dog who became best friends. We have been working up to today on our retellings of the story, writing down our retelling and working to tell it to each other!

We have also been watching our bread experiment from Science Week as the test pieces changed! As you can see, even the untouched piece of bread is beginning to decompose! The piece of bread which had been touched by an unwashed had is definitely looking worse!

We come to the end of our Week in Review with some photos of the 3D Easter eggs we decorated and have taken home. We tried to use PVA glue to help seal in the colours of the Sharpies we used and to protect our designs. Some of us worked hard to stick on cellophane for our choice of decoration.

Lastly, we continue to explore some fairy tales and fables at story time and this is one of the stories we enjoyed this week:

Finally, have a happy holiday everyone and enjoy a well deserved break however you choose to spend it! We look forward to seeing you back in school on the 25th of April!