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Primary 2 – Week in Review

A big well done to Primary 2 for their two performances of our show about different new year festivals on Monday this week! Please bear with us while the footage is edited. This will be shared on the blog as soon as all is complete.

Science Week launched this week and we have set up some experiments this week which we will observe over the next few days! Some of the work we have been doing including measuring our hands from base to tip to collect information about hand size, looking to see how well cress seeds grow in soil compared to paper towels as well as checking how well they grow with or without sunlight and water.

We are also hoping to see what happens to bread which has been touched with hands which have not been washed and compare this with a few other examples, such as a piece of bread which has not been touched and one which has been touched by quickly washed hands and hands that have been washed for more than 20 seconds!

In addition to this, we continue to work on our sounds and our writing. The ‘ea‘ pattern (as in eat or leaf) was our focus this week and we continue to work through our Read, Write, Inc. work too! We enjoyed some of the ea‘ games in this link and the anagram game was a great discussion for our sounds words.

In our maths and numeracy work, we continue to work on fractions and identifying the fractions in groups or shapes. We also looked at repeated addition and its links to multiplication.

We have continued to listen to and discuss different fairy tales at milk and story this week. The Snow Queen was one of our favourites of these.

A big well done and congratulations to our

Primary 2

for all working as a fantastic team being a Confident Individuals and Effective Contributors in preparing for our show!

We look forward to seeing you next week!