Primary 1/ 2 Blog

Primary 2 – Week in Review

We read Digiduck and the Magic Castle to start us off on the theme of All fun and games? Exploring relationships and respect online. We created masks of our very own ‘digiducks’ as we worked on our kindness ‘spells’ and recorded our class recipe. In literacy, we focused more on our tricky ‘red’ words as well as continuing to explore Safer Internet Day and Equalities Week work. We created self portraits in response to ‘We Are All Different’ as well as thinking about what ‘bullying’ is and why this might happen.

In maths, we continue to work on reading and writing the time. We start to look at quarter past and quarter to in both digital and analogue times after working well to show half past and o’clock on analogue and digital clock faces. We also continue to work on estimating how long things take to do, making some good guesses before checking out our guesses with a timer!

We continue to work on our Space topic, in exploring the orbit of the earth around the sun and we worked with our Primary 7 buddies to create some clay art from natural materials we gathered in the grounds of the Canongate Kirk. We even had some time to spare to play Red, Red River and some Chaos Tig in the playground!

As we come to the February break please remember to have fun! We look forward to seeing you all on the 21st of February!