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The Sleepy Shepherd

Parts have been allocated and rehearsals have begun!
Please note: Mrs Swan, P2 Pupil Support Assistant, provides all children with costumes.

We are very much looking forward to performing to our peers on Wednesday 14th December and to our parents and families on Thursday 15th December.

Below are the song tracks for practising at home. Please note the pronouns of the Sleepy Shepherd and Angel are different in the the backing tracks. This year our Sleepy Shepherd is a girl (she/her) and our Angel is a boy (he/his).

As you can see from the script, each part is very important. Some pupils are needing to play 2 parts this year due to the small class size. Again, if you have any questions or if you predict your child will be away on these days, please come and speak with a member of staff.

Many thanks, Miss Copeland

  1. Woolly Sheep

2. Sleepy Shepherd

3. A beautiful angel came to the hill

4. Would you like to come along with me?

5. Under a star

6. Bumpy road

7. Wake up!