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4.10.21 – Welcome to Primary 1!

Everyday Primary 1 chooses how they want to be welcomed into the classroom. Which one would you choose?

Our Class Teddy

As voted by our class, our Everywhere Bear is called Ted. Ted looks after our class during the week and then the Star of the Week gets to take Ted home for the weekend! The Everywhere Bear is a story by Julia Donaldson. You can hear the story below and see what Ted and Miss Copeland got up to this weekend.

Profile Jotter Week

Last week was Profile Jotter Week. This means that every piece of work we did was stuck into the same jotter. We do this twice a year. This creates a snapshot of your learning at school. Here are just a few things we did this week…

Phonics – We are learning how to build words with the letters s,a,t,i,p and n. We start by singing the Jolly Phonics songs, making sure that we make the pure sounds (mmm, not muh) then move on to forming the letters. We use Fred Fingers for spelling then we make the words on white boards and magnetic boards. We are also learning to match the picture, initial letter and word. Have a go at home with these online magnetic letters.
P.E – We have been learning ball skills. We have now moved on to controlling the ball with our feet. We have a lot of very keen footballers in our class! (We are not yet getting changed to do P.E. We will let you know in good time if this changes).
Maths – Our focus has been on time this week. We have been learning about day and night, how the time of the day effects what we eat, and learning about analog clocks.
Book Box – On Fridays we visit the Book Box, our mini library, to swap our books. Return your Book Box book, or a different children’s book that you have at home to make sure we have lots of books to swap.
Choosing – We love to play together. Miss Black has been setting us some challenges. We worked so well as a team and laughed very hard while trying to build and rebuild this huge Lego tower!
Friday Celebrations – On Fridays, Mrs Henry hands out our Star of the Week certificate and our House Card certificates. Every pupil is allocated a ‘house’ (Yellow Parliament Pandas, Red Holyrood Royals, Blue Castle Lions and Green Arthur’s Seat Dragons). We have to work very hard to earn house points. When our chart is full we are awarded a certificate. We get a prize at number 5 and a medal at 10!

Reading Folders

Primary 1 read in class on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. They take these home on Thursdays. Inside the plastic folder is a wordless book, letter ring and reading record. The reading record is for adults to write in to comment or ask questions.

Reading folders should be returned on Mondays. This gives us chance to change the book over ready for Tuesday’s reading.

Writing letters

At the beginning, you may find that your child can draw the letters but in a different way. An a, for example, can be drawn as a circle with a tail. Although it may have the same outcome, forming the letters as we ask is very important as it will help your child when they come to joining letters together.

Try making your letters in lots of different ways; Outside with sticks and flowers, with Lego, with salt, shaving foam, sprinkles, rice, Playdough, sand…

We have started reading books!

We are reading wordless picture books. We learn that stories have characters and that they have a beginning, middle and end. Here are some of the characters we will see in our stories.

Monday 7th September – Royal Mile Primary School

You can read more stories together at home by signing up to a free Oxford Owl account.

It is important that when you are reading together, you feel that you can talk in whichever language you and your child feels most comfortable in.

Education City

Tomorrow your child will come home with a unique login and password for a website called Once logged on you will find a section for classwork and homework. Your child has been allocated some homework. There will be new tasks scheduled every Monday. They can log on via a smartphone, tablet or laptop. If you have any questions or comments, small or large throughout the year, remember you can pop me an email at

Thank you for taking the time to look at what Primary 1 has been learning. It would be lovely if you could reply to this post with a message to say Hello!
Have a lovely week, Miss Copeland