hello everyone

Welcome to our final, extra special


WOW Wednesday!

We start with our

Final House Certificates

This week  final House Point Certificates went out to…

🌠Ateeqeh, 🌠Lynda, 🌠Aron, 🌠Gumana, 🌠Bertie and 🌠Natalia

well done rosette

I am so pleased so see how well Primary 2 has done to earn House Certificates!


Online working:

Shout outs to:

Colin, Aron, Theo, Ateeqeh, and Aaniya!

for being busy online on Education City or Active Learn (or both!) this week.

Sharing work:

We have some more 3 Stars and a Wish from Ilgin, Doruk and Natalia this week. How lovely, thank you all so much for sharing!

Bertie and Xavier have both been very active outside these last few weeks.

Xavier has been investigating insects when reading too, he’s not alone either!

Natalia has been inspired to write more on recent events. A very impassioned and heartfelt piece of writing. It is very important to be and to feel safe and included!

No racism

Bertie sent in some of his number work while Natalia shared her plural and compound word working. Well done to both!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It has been lovely to see people finding different objects for their sounds hunt after Colin sent his in last week! Ilgin, Doruk and Natalia all sent in what they found. Did you find similar or different objects for each type of sound?

sounds hunt1sounds hunt2sounds hunt3


well done

to everyonewho has worked hard this year as well as those who have gotten House Certificates or other Shout Outs for their work!

all the claps

Don’t be afraid to comment on this blog or to share work on our class Twitter!

Do look check in on the blog on Friday for a final update for Primary 2.

Fondest Regards,
Mrs Aylward


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