WOW Wednesday Primary 2


Welcome again to



line of stars

Firstly, we have a

Special shout out to Bertie and Theo!

for helping their siblings with their work!
Mrs Peoples asked me to give you both a House Point!
WOW! Well done, Theo and Bertie!


House Point Certificates

Lots of people are busily earning House Points this week through their continued work and efforts! More certificates are definitely going out over the next few days so well done to everyone for all their work and effort to earn these.

This week House Point Certificates went out to…

Aron and Ateeqeh!


Well done both!


Shout outs for online working:

Shout outs to:

Doruk, Natalia, Oscar, Ilgin, Bertie, Aron, Colin, Omer, Xavier, Aaniya, Theo, Ateeqeh and Lynda

for being busy online on Education City or Active Learn (or both!) this week.

I continue to be very impressed to see people working hard online, trying to improve their scores on tricky games as well as working on games that people are more confident with.


Shout outs for sharing work:

I am really looking forward to seeing photos of what you are all up to this Health Week! So to start with, we look at some of the super active working people have been up to from last week.

Bertie has been up to some super work this week, such as these Sonic and Tails models:

Sonic and Tails

Bertie also made some Sonic and Tails cookies!

Xavier has been working on a lot of science this week!
Behold his lava experiment. It looks incredible!

lava science experiment

Xavier also has been on a bug hunt. It is awesome to explore the natural world around us.
Has anyone else seen some more wildlife about?

Theo made this gorgeous heart. Thank you for sending me the photo!


Colin made a fortune teller. How lovely! There is a lot you can chose to do with one of these when you make one.

Fortune teller

Colin’s super work on fact families and number bonds continues. I loved to see his thinking and working out on some of these trickier sums.

Natalia has been busy with her fractions work. I’m really impressed to see the different ways she has been working on them.

 Bertie, Colin, Theo and Natalia have been sharing their literacy work with me too, thank you!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Colin’s been doing some super Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check (LSCWC) work. It is great to see work in progress!

And last but not least, Colin made a  comic about Easter:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


WELL DONE to those who have gotten House Certificates or Shout outs for their work!


THANK YOU everyone

for all your work and effort and for what you have shared with me.

Please keep showing me the things you have been up to! Show me the things you are proud of doing and things you want me to see and are happy to share. Don’t be afraid to comment on the blog or to share work on our class Twitter if you prefer those ways to stay in touch.

Stay safe and be kind to each other!

Mrs Aylward


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