WOW Wednesday Primary 2

Hello everyone!

As you may have heard Wednesday is going to be our new day for sharing work (our old format this is last week’s link) and doing an extra-special shout out to all of you who are working hard and sharing your fantastic efforts with me and everyone reading along!

So welcome to our first


line of stars

Firstly, we have a

Special shout out to Lynda!

for sharing her recipe with Mrs Jessop!
She asked me to mention you and to give you a House Point!
WOW! Well done, Lynda!


House Points and Certificates

Speaking of House Points, this week House Point Certificates went out to…


Well done for having earned so many House Points from all your efforts in your online work and from sharing work with me since school closed!

Looking at how hard people are working in Primary 2, we already have some more House Certificates to go out for next week!


Shout outs for online working:

  • A shout out to Alfie, Colin, Aaniya, Natalia, Bertie, Xavier and Lynda for being so busy on Active Learn and Education City this week!

  • Another round of applause for Gumana and Ateeqeh  for their hard work on Education City in particular this week too!

I continue to be so proud to see lots of other people have been working super well online too. I can see many of you are trying games again and again to try and get 100%. What super effort and resilience!

Other people have been sending me things they have been working on and I continue to be hugely impressed by how brilliantly people are working on different things!
We get to share some of that super work below.


Shout outs for sharing work:

Happy Maths Week

from Natalia

It was Maths Week last week!
Please do continue to share some of the things you did from the grid!

Maths and Numeracy

Here we have work from Bertie, with his Sudoku work, and Natalia who has been working hard on her shape, measure and numeracy work! Wow!

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We have a range of fantastic writing today and we are starting with Lynda who wrote about how she celebrated V.E. Day!
I had been saving this from last week to share, I was so impressed!


VE Day writing – Lynda

Theo has already written some super sentences for his Animal actions work! I love how he added more detail or information to his sentences and the howling action for the wolf.

Animal actions spicy

Animal Actions (spicy) – Theo

I have really enjoyed seeing Natalia working on her diary! It is so nice to keep a diary for yourself and really think about the things you enjoyed doing in your day.

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Bertie was one of a few people who sent me in some Labels work! Solid sentence work and well done for remembering to match the labels to the correct part of the elephant.

labels 2a

I loved seeing this from Natalia, working hard from ‘Who Lives Here‘ to really look and think about animals that might live in the areas shown in the pictures!

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It was also wonderful to see Natalia working hard on her handwriting and spelling alongside reading her books!


Arts and Activities

Natalia made some paper lanterns and shared some superb Spanish work. Mrs Speedie was so pleased! Aaniya was busy doing lots of other things like cooking and baking but also made the wonderful fish art shown below.



A massive thank you to all who have submitted photos for School Uniform Day so far!

And WELL DONE to those who have gotten HOUSE CERTIFICATES or other SHOUT OUTS for their work!


I am continuing to add House Points and will let Mrs Jessop know when you have filled up your card.
Please keep showing me the things you have been up to! Show me the things you are proud of doing and things you want me to see and are happy to share.

Stay safe and be kind to each other!

Fondest Regards,
Mrs Aylward