Home Learning Grid 19th May

Hello everyone!
I hope you all enjoyed Maths week and School Uniform Day! Next week is Health Week so I am looking forward to seeing what ideas were sent in! Please do send in any photos you’d still like to be included in our WOW Wednesday post by this afternoon, otherwise it will be included for next week.

Please find attached the Learning Grid for this week below.  As a reminder for our grids – please only do what you feel you can do. If you have any feedback  (or questions) on the grid or the tasks, I would love to hear from you.
PDF format: 19.5 first-level-home-learning P2
Word format: 19.5 first-level-home-learning P2

Additional items from the grid:

Useful links:

Please do keep in touch via this blog, the class Twitter, or the admin email and please do share what you are working on, even if it isn’t something on the home learning grid.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Mrs Aylward

2 thoughts on “Home Learning Grid 19th May

  1. yolicp

    Here Natalia’s homework today.

    Thanks so mucha to all of you. And specially Mrs Jessop, we get the postcard Yesterday and it was so significant for Natalia and mum and dad. We were so happy and Natalia was so emotional. Get this card with the golden award push and animate Natalia to work harder and try and tray again all her homework. We are so proud of her. THANKS VERY MUCH! Enviado desde mi HTC

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