Sharing Learning 12th May

Primary 2, thank you again!
I have seen so many people working away on Education City and Active Learn and lots of people are sending me photos of what they have been up to or otherwise letting me know how you are getting on.

A special shout out to Ateeqeh, Aron, Theo and Oscar for their online working this week! Lots of people have been working well online too and we get to share some more work below! A thank you to e v e r y o n e who has done or shown me anything at all. I love to see your work and I am proud of all your efforts.

Arts and Activities

Here’s some lovely working in art, craft and cooking from Lynda and Bertie:

It is super to see arts, crafts and things being made from the boys and girls in Primary 2, thank you for sending this in!

Maths and Numeracy

First up is a game suggestion from Lynda and a wonderfully clear example of number bond fact families from Colin:

Below we have some super work with adding and taking away from Doruk and Ilgin, a chalk target set up from Bertie and Lynda working away on a bar chart of cars, a beautiful number rainbow and some very dedicated pen-and-paper number work from her jotter. Perhaps these will give you all different ideas to try out for your maths and numeracy?

And freshly arrived as part of Monday’s grid suggestions is a really nice example of a Venn diagram from Lynda:

Venn diagram

I really like the ‘Don’t swim’ here as I think giraffes and koalas can swim (as long as they can get out of the water at least) but generally don’t like to!

Literacy:  Writing and Spelling

There has been a range of super work and effort over the past week so I thought it would be nice to show off different ways people have been practising their spelling or writing in particular.

Some people have been practising their common words by writing them out:

Thank you Doruk and Ilgin for such clear examples!

Some people enjoy bubble writing for their spelling:

bubble writing

Thank you to Lynda for this example.

Some people have been working on sentence writing, combining handwriting or colourful writing alongside their spelling:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you to Colin and Lynda for some super sentence working there! I like how the green highlighter can help when trying to focus on your tall letters and capital letters or where the letters go below the line. I also like where using different colours might make writing sentences more interesting when practising. It is good to see different types of writing and different ways to write!

This crossword puzzle looks like fun and I love the team work to make that common word word search! Thank you to Colin and Lynda (and family!) for these:

Now, last but not least, we all make mistakes. We learn from mistakes even when we’d rather not make them most of the time. I love to see when we catch our mistakes and this is one good example of this:

Super checking of your work, Lynda! It is often the step we all miss.

Thank you again to everyone who has sent work in! I am super busy looking over it all and tallying up House Points!

As ever, safe safe and well and keep showing me the things you have been up to! Remember it doesn’t have to be things you have done on the home learning grid! I have seen wonderful work from children which wasn’t on their home learning grid so please do keep that up, show me the things you are proud of doing and things you want me to see and are happy to share.

Fondest Regards,
Mrs Aylward

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