Sharing Learning

A continued “Thank you!” to everyone who is sharing their learning and work. While not everyone is sending me photos, I can see lots are working hard on Education City and Active Learn too and I appreciate seeing everyone trying their best.

A shout out to Theo, Omer, Lynda, Natalia and Colin for their examples of work! Some of these have been tweeted already but click on the pictures above to more clearly see Theo’s Nature Diary, Omer’s Ramadan Mubarak work and some of his super efforts on his handwriting, Lynda’s capital letter work, part of Natalia’s comic, her diary work, her Spanish feelings and number bond fact family work and Colin’s work on his addition sums!

To everyone who I have seen who has been working hard, either online or by sending me their work, I’ll be tallying up your House Points!

In the meantime, I hope you have a lovely, long weekend. Keep in touch and keep sharing what you are up to. I can’t adequately express how grateful I am to be able to be in touch with you all and to see your work and effort, “thank you,” only goes so far!

Fondest Regards,
Mrs Aylward

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