Home Learning Grid 27th April

Good morning all!

Firstly, congratulations officially now to Bertie for his winning entry for our twitter profile!

We have a new learning grid for this week, attached below. Examples of work can be emailed to the admin account at admin@royalmile.edin.sch.uk or via your class Twitter page. I will be sharing some of the super work I’ve already received here and on twitter, thank you so much to everyone who is showing me what they are up to!

Home learning grid (Word doc.): 27.4 first-level-home-learning p2
Home learning grid (PDF): 27.4 first-level-home-learning p2

Please do let me know if it helps to have both versions available or if there is anything else that might help accessibility. Anything suggestions for what you would find useful can be left here on the blog, sent via email to the admin account,  tweeted to me or you can comment here on this post.

Thank you to everyone who is keeping in touch and who is keeping in contact with each other as much as myself. I continue to keenly look forward to when I can see you all again!

Fond Regards,
Mrs Aylward






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