30th March School Closure Grid

Dear Primary 2,

I hope you and yours are keeping well and I am thinking of you all! I have included the School Closure Grid and relevant links from it in this post (see below). I will update over the week with further useful links and ideas you might like to try. Please continue to stay safe and well! I look forward to seeing you all when things have settled down.

Here is the second of our School Closure Home Learning Grids for First Level.

Relevant links:

      1. https://www.natgeokids.com/uk/discover/science/space/the-phases-of-the-moon/
      2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4ZHdzl6ZWg

If you have any questions please do comment below!

Kind Regards,

Mrs Aylward.

2 thoughts on “30th March School Closure Grid

  1. Sarah McLuckie

    Dear Mrs Aylward,
    We hope you are well. Theo has been enjoying the online learning websites and we do the Lego challenge every day.
    We’ve been having lots of fun trying to keep busy at home but Theo is missing his school friends.
    Take care,
    Theo and family xxx

    1. rmpstaff Post author

      I am keeping well, thank you! I am glad to hear Theo is enjoying the online learning and the Lego challenge! I miss everyone too and hope all are well and safe. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone when we have a chance to go back into school!
      Please continue to take care, thinking of you all and missing you dearly!
      Mrs Aylward.


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