Seasons For Growth



It’s Wednesday already. Hope all the Seasons for Growth group doing ok. Been thinking of you all. What a lot has changed since last Wednesday when we met.

Remember the way we talked about dealing with change and loss? Think of it like the seasons of the year. Each season only lasts for a short time. We will move to spring and summer soon.

Right now it feels like Autumn moving into winter,things have changed and we cant quite see when it is going to get better,but it will.

Can you draw(I know you all can) an autumn and a winter tree. Write on the leaves  of the Autumn tree  things that have changed or changing. On the branches of the winter tree write down what doesn’t feel good right now .How are you feeling? What are your worries?

Now add some birds to your trees. On each bird write something nice that has happened since things changed or something that makes you smile.

If you can send a picture to of your pictures so I can see or share them .

Comment below with an emoji to show how you are feeling.

Oh and most importantly-remember to have a nice snack after you have finished the picture.

4 thoughts on “Seasons For Growth

  1. Julia Gracie-Pullinger

    I enjoyed making the Autumn and Winter trees and will send a picture of them to you by e-mail. Love, Julia x


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