23rd March First Level School Closure Grid

Please find linked here the School closure learning grid – 1st Level RMPS.

This cross-curricular learning grid is the format we are currently using to assist in learning provision, for the next two weeks. Please work through these items at your own pace and in an order of your choice. Please do adapt activities to suit your own confidence level and what is available to you at home. Bear in mind that many of these are aimed across the classes. A new grid will be available next week.

Specific to Primary 2, there are maths and literacy activities for your children to work through, at their own pace, on Active Learn and Education City. Please also feel free to explore the wider range of resources available on Education City at your leisure. For further sounds work and revision http://www.games.galacticphonics.com/ is worth a visit, particularly the old version of the site. There are plenty of free sounds games here that are worth exploring.

Direct links to useful documents and websites referenced in the School Closure Learning Grid:

As mentioned in the blog post from Friday, you should have received a pack of additional learning resources from school. Learning activities in this pack are supplementary to your learning grid and there is no firm expectation that all of this will be completed. Learning comes in many forms and through a range of experiences. We will endeavour to support you through your learning choices.

As such, if you are engaging with the SEAL sheet Seal grid image you received in you packs, feel free to use these for short activities or ideas to assist you in ideas for supporting your child’s numeracy.  Your child should be familiar with many of the activities on the sheet you were provided with and they are useful in consolidating and extending your child’s number working. There are 6 columns on each sheet with a theme (such as counting on and back) that you work down through. Each box will give you some guidance on what to do.

Lastly, we would love to see some good examples of learning to share on the class blog if you are able to send this electronically to admin@royalmile.edin.sch.uk. If you have any questions about the School Closure Learning Grid, home learning pack or about ways to support your child’s learning at this time, please don’t hesitate to email!

Thank you all for your patience and understanding in these times. Please do stay in touch!


Mrs Aylward.

*updated to include Education City and Active Learn general log in codes