RSHP and Anti-Bullying Week

Dear Parents and Carers,

Primary 2, along with the rest of the school, will be looking at aspects of RSHP this term and as part of Anti-bullying week we will be focusing on Respect for others and the importance of being kind.

Over the course of the year, we intend to cover:

  • What makes them unique
  • Families, and how all our families are different
  • The different adults who might care for children – like teachers, support staff in
    school or medical staff
  • Making and having friends
  • Respect for others and the importance of being kind
  • Making choices and decisions
  • Looking after their body and keeping clean
  • What behaviour is okay in public and what is okay in private (for example pulling
    pants up before leaving the bathroom)
  • Making and having friends

You have already received by email a summary of the first level programme and can access the website from home:, at any time to view all the materials and information.

For further details, please read the attached leaflet: