Hello April!


Thank you for popping in!

Look at our fabulous contributions from home to finish off our space topic: thROC040RT
Our vegetables are already growing. Hopefully we will be able to harvest radish and lettuce before the end of term.

P1/2 are starting a new social studies topic:

We are planning a trip to the museum of Scotland on Chamber Street on
Monday, 20th April 9.30-12.15!

Please let Ms.Brunner know if you’d like to join us!

We are also starting to learn more about fractions, untitled
• Understanding what half means
• Creating and identifying half of a shape
• Finding half of a number
• Describe and record a half in a variety of different ways and
• Locate it on a number line

and Symmetry thS7X34YYW

• Making symmetrical patterns with different materials
• Making our own symmetrical pictures and recognize when a shape or pattern is symmetrical

P1/2 are going to practise some untitledroutines in PE this term.

(i.e.: ceilidh dance and German song)

thNH7QYDUD Please don’t hesitate to speak to Ms.Brunner anytime if you have any questions or concerns!