February focus in P1/2

thXZSB2ZPIP1/2 are focusing on money, identifying coins and their value and    .                                     adding amounts. thKQSI1VKS


We are returning to Dynamic Earth on Wednesday, 28th February for a space experience at the fabulous ‘Show dome’. aliens-martians-cartoon-illustration-three-funny-comic-characters-31670979 and are hoping to follow up with Drama and role-play back in class.

apple-ipad-2-review-hands-on-10In ICT, Our P7 buddies are planning to help us create a file on the Ipads called ‘Book Creator’ that will display information we gained throughout our space project!

th7EDE1D8SIn technology we will be producing models at home and at school to help us to imagine and understand our solar system and its planets. solar-system


In writing we are learning about writing instructions with Mrs Speedie.

We are extremely excited about the opportunity to return to our Mid City ‘Butterfly Square’ in the centre of a local worksite that some of us have been involved with over a year now. Some of us will go back and see the display we created and plants we have sown! cropped-busy-bee-logo