Welcome back!

Very happy new year from P1/2. thWVC0Y6ED

We are starting this term with the science project ‘sun, moon and stars’ cartoon_earth_sun_and_moon_by_hanime128-d56jalg

We are reading and writing short sentences and some of us are continuing to write short pieces of writing mostly about our news, topic and reading books.
We are becoming confident with analogue and digital time o’clock and some of us are beginning to also tell half past. clock
We are becoming more secure in counting forward and backward as well as adding numbers to 12 and some of us up to 100_cartoon2 !
In Pe we are continuing to practise ball skills and ball games. 1195445636200577762johnny_automatic_playing_ball.svg.hi
In music we are continuing to learn the names of instruments and how to play them. a0e58743308427969905614639098f9f
P1 families please remember to also regularly look at photos of your child’s experiences and progress on Learning journals - Log in button